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Our Capabilities

We are a fast reaction machine shop has a wide range of capabilities and services. Below are examples of the most popular and common services we provide

Custom Sprockets & Fast Rebores

We can re-bore; weld; and custom configure sprockets, gears, pulleys, and more. Our state of the art equipment allows us to customize single-strand sprockets up to eight strand sprockets and key things in line. Additionally we can supply split sprockets, which are primarily used in applications where it is difficult to slide the sprocket off the shaft. We keep inventory on many stock bore sprockets, standard finished bore sprockets, as well as weld on hub sprockets for applications that require small hub sprockets. To see more about standard roller chain sprockets that are typically in-stock checkout the Sprockets section of our sister companies website.

Chain Fabrication/ Welding

When it comes to chain welding we have a welding station that is fully equipped for welding on flights, attachments, paddles and more within a quick turn around time. We supply chains to applications ranging from agricultural, conveying, mining, water treatment facilities, power plants, and more! Out of our Winter Garden Florida facility we stock all standard roller chain sizes, as well as some specialty chains and metric chains.

Elivator Chains

Elevator chains often require a welded on attachment, paddles, or flights. We can supply complete turn-key elevator chain assemblies within a fast lead time and at a fair price. What sets our elevator chains apart from the others is the high-strength/ heat-treated components and solid bushing solid roller (SBR) configuration on most sizes, this drastically increases strength, durability, and performance.


We have the capabilities of cutting shafting to length, putting custom keys in them, drilling holes in them, and turning down shafts. We stock 12ft lengths of shafting and can cut or edit them within a fast turn around time.

Industrial Roller, Conveyor, and Engineer Class Chains

We have a full line of industrial roller chains, conveyor chains, and engineer class chains readily available. Below are some of the chains that we offer, please note that each category is a clickable link that will take you directly to our partner/ sister companies website (www.usarollerchain.com)

Standard Roller Chains - Corrosion Resistant Roller Chain - Metric Roller Chain
Agricultural Roller Chains - Plastic Roller Chain - Double Pitch Roller Chain
Hollow Pin Roller Chain - O-Ring Roller Chain - Pintle Chain
PIV Chain - Leaf Chain - Table Top Chain
Offset Drive Chains - Roller Conveyor Chain - Welded Steel Chain
81X Series Chains - Cast Combination Chain - Wastewater Products


Additionally we have a full line of high quality bearings. We have ball bearings, mounted bearings, stainless steel bearings, spherical bearings, plastic bearings, high precision bearings, roller bearings, and more. One thing that sets us apart is our local stock of bearings are all stored in a temperature and humidity controlled room to insure that the bearings stay in the best possible condition which insures the best performance when installed. Also, the line of bearings that we primary keep in inventory is a premium quality bearing that is still competitively priced.

Motors & Reducers

We also have a full line of extremely durable electric motors and reducers. We offer electric motors from fractional horse power sizes all the way up to 1200 horse power sizes that are readily available. We can supply larger sizes as well but there is typically a lead time to manufacture them. As far as reducers/ gearboxes go we offer a full line including stainless steel and worm gear configurations.

And Much, Much More!

USA Machine Shop aims to be a one stop shop for your industrial needs as well as a custom fabrication and alteration shop. We like to keep things plain and simple so you don't have to run around and find multiple vendors. We also supply belts, pulleys, pumps, plastics, sensors, robotics, safety equipment, electrical, and electrical repair. Additionally our staff is very knowledgeable and experienced in the industry, so if you need help identifying a part or need a problem solving product we are here to help. To get a quote or for more information about us please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Phone: (407) 347-3519
Email: sales@usamachineshop.com